The Washington Teachers of Teachers of Mathematics (WaToToM) is a group concerned with how best to prepare future teachers of K-12 mathematics. The majority of us are faculty members in mathematics and/or mathematics education departments, but some very valuable members are K-12 teachers and administrators who help keep us in touch with reality. We gather annually at the Sleeping Lady Resort and Conference Center in Leavenworth. Between these annual conferences we keep in touch and keep our issues moving forward by e-mail and small group gatherings on and off line.

Our ongoing strategic goals include:

  • Acting as a sounding board and locus for the exchange of ideas for educators of mathematics teachers throughout the state.
  • Maintaining and sustaining communication with OSPI about teacher and higher education perspectives on policy issues pertaining to mathematics education.
  • Taking an active role in helping teachers to implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Sponsoring Institutions

  • Eastern Washington University
  • Spokane Falls Community College
  • University of Washington Mathematics Department
  • University of Washington College of Education
  • Washington State University